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We consider it a privilege and a blessing that God has used us to serve our community.  We look forward to continued opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help others grow in their relationship with Him.  We are a church with open doors, and we have something for everyone; no matter your stage of life, or your level of spiritual growth, you are welcome here.         

1113 Eastern Avenue | Capitol Heights, MD 20743



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Mark Francis was born and raised in Fairmount Heights  Maryland.  Before having a personal encounter with Christ, he devoted his life to the streets where he continuously made efforts to fill a void influenced by neglectful circumstances and generational curses.  “I was a gambler, womanizer and drug dealer.”


In spite of his path, Mark began reading the word of God.  “As I continued to read, I became convicted by His word.”  By choosing to read God’s word, even while high at times, Mark unknowingly positioned himself to experience the one true source that would ultimately reset his destination. Then, on one ordained night in 1997, while alone in his basement, Mark asked God to enter his life.  He recalled crying out “If you’re real, show me.”  The response he received was “The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).”  He also heard “There is a sin that leads to death (1 John 5:16).” What Mark understood was that if he continued to live his life in the streets, the end result would surely lead to his physical demise.


In 2008, Mark helped establish I Am the Church which began as a weekly bible study attended by men and women who were genuinely hungry for a deeper knowledge of Christ.  I Am the Church takes God’s kingdom beyond the walls of traditional service and mere religion.  It challenges individuals to be intentional about maturing spiritually and the necessity of cultivating a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  


Mark identifies God, Family, and Loyalty as his personal core values.  He is a loving and faithful husband to his beautiful wife, Latosha, and a devoted father to their three children, Tahj, Nazareth and Isaiah and one granddaughter Sahri.


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